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 投稿者:chi  投稿日:2012年 6月29日(金)16時27分17秒
  How tochi flat ironincrease the hair: mainly to food best. Proper hair care and hair.Application of cold water, because water can lock squamous surface keep the hair shiny. 7never used towel dry hair. It is best to use finger slowly squeeze chi hair straightenerout excess water, then gently with a dry towel. This can have the effect of moisture, and will not damage the hair elasticity. 8when the hair still wet, selection of wide tooth comb the hair is divided into severalchi straightenerparts, and then gently from the tail end of comb, tangled completely released until. Because in Chi Flat Iron case, the surface squamous hair swells, easily damaged. 9best to let the hair dry naturally?The woman with http://www.chistraightener4u.com/
long hair can be tied up her hair, and the woman with short hair can use all kinds of stereotypes products, select their favorite hairstyle. ?10to be the hair is dry, you can use moisturizing spray on the comb, and the hair, help hair docile and long time fixed hairstyle. Heard that the MM has a
chi turbo digital microchip ceramic hairstyling iron 1 1 2 inchwash partial hair, is to use the Tao Mishui shampoo. Specific methods are as follows: the rice first times of water in a pot, cover good place two days, when in use can be heated. Shampoo you can, do not use chi wet to dry flat ironshampoo, and then rinsing with clean water. If you have the taste of fermented rice water, can be inside a squeeze of lemon juice, lemon fragrance will be. This method is the generation of hairdressing tips, is said to have a straight effect, even naturally curly hair can also washchi blue guitar collection ceramic flat iron straight. Insist on a period of time, the hair is bright and straight. Do not always use a shampoo can buy a few bottles in wheel with can satisfy the different chi limited edition red guitar collection ceramic flat ironneeds of hair. Not too common hair conditioner for about a week once the washing head as far as possible not to use hair dryer if catch time we must use the whistle to 80% dry good or blowing too dry to natural hair moisture away it is difficult to make sense of the hair with a vertical fall sit doing nothing can pick up a comb hair and promote blood circulation by the hair long fast especially long haired MM each week the to the barber shop to repair hair tail hair to look neat and the door can puff nutrition water2012 new chi blue nano ceramic digital 1 hairstyling flat iron hair straighteners strongly recommend using the very refreshing and nourishing water suddenly let the hair full of water to drink also let hair be changed into straight and clear scent oh ~1, equipped with small comb, keep hair float Yi2, when shampooing as regular rub the hair


 投稿者:teacup.運営  投稿日:2012年 6月29日(金)16時26分9秒